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Possessed  by Possessions- Inspired by The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. This new program is geared to help homeowners
                to declutter now so their kids won't back up a dumpster to their house when parents pass on.  What to do with photographs, letters,
                books, kids memoribilla and furniture are just some of the topics that will be addressed.

            Where: Riverdale Library 93 Newark Pompton Turnpike (in-between the Police station and Girl Scouts)
            When:  Wednesday April 3 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm
              Please call  the library to register for this program. Seating is limited and I like to have enough handouts for all that register
                         The library phone is 973-835-5044 or you can register by visiting the library's website
            Where: The Woman's Club of Franklin Lakes
            When:  April 8 th meeting at 6:30. This meeting is open to the public and meets  at the Franklin Lakes Ambulance Corps Buidling on
                         Bender Court.
                        The purpose of The Woman's Club of Franklin Lakes is philianthropic in nature and is achieved by focusing  on and actively
                         assiting in civic and educational projects for the betterment of the Community.   
                          For more information about  The Woman's Club of Franklin Lakes or to become a member contact Mercedes Coto at
                    or Barbara Heitmann at or visit

          Where: Denville Public Library 121 Diamond Spring Rd Denville NJ
          When: Tuesday April 23 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm 
             Please call  the library to register for this program. Seating is limited and I like to have enough handouts for all that register
                         The library phone is 973-627-6555 or you can register by visiting the library's website
    Organizing Your Closet for Less Chaos in The Morning - Do you DREAD going into your closet or dresser drawers?
         Did the shelf in your closet collapse from too many clothes and yet you have NOTHING to wear?
         This program will cover Clothing shopping tis to keep your clothes fro taking over your home, a dozen ways to keep your
          closet organized and more!
            Comments from previous attendees -
Very good, 5 stars, Better than I expected, Wonderful, good suggestions, very detailed
                and organized, very good -instructive examples, this program is very good, Vlauable tips, Excellent, It was wonderful,
                So many helpful tips

PDF Conquer Clutter - This program focuses on eliminatling and organizing your paper piles
         Comments from previous attendees- Great ideas, Very inormative, very interesting and helpful, Very informative and it seems 
                    easy to follow through, Alot of good ideas,Good ideas and I will try them, Linda has an interesting way of connecting 
                      with the audience...easy
 friendly and caring.

         Organized For Weight Loss - Menu plan your butt off! Eat, Drink and Shrink! Tips to help you be organized so you always have healthy                 food in your home. Shopping tips, menu planning and portion tips are just some of the tpoics coverd in the presentation.
            Comments from previous attendees- Excellent, I learned a lot, Liked the tips, Liked the interactive part at the end, Very upbeat and                                    informative, Great inormation and easy to follow

PDF The Organized Student = Successful Student + A Less Stressed Student + Parent
             This program covers time management, using a planner, long term project, the best school supplies, organizing your back pack
                and more!

           Comments from attendees - Excellent organiizing information, Helpful, It will help me with getting to class on time, I would recommend to
            parents of young kids, The speaker was very interesing and knowldgeable on the subject, Very informative,Excellent presentation and      
            ideas we can use,  Was vey well presented with physcial objexts that were used, Very helpful and creative tips!

PDF Organized For the Holidays - Sick of the chaos and craziness? Thanksgiving a rush? 
            Realizing that you only have 4 gifts for Hanukkak and not 8 ! 
            Wrapping on Christmas Eve and find 12 rols of scoth paper and not enough wrapping papper?
            This hour long powerpoint program will help make the holidays a time of joy and ontentment by orgnaizing now for peace later

        Comments from previous attendees - Good, Got some great tips, Very helpful

PDF Organized for Travel -  Wheather packing for for you lack house or overseas trip, tips, supply suggestions and check lists to pack
                                                 without stress

PDF Spend Less Time Cleaning, More Time Reading - What cleaning products work best? What design changes can reduce housework?                    What tools and tricks to profesional housecleaner use? Find the ansers to these quesions and more at this inormative program.

            Comments from previous attendees - Informative and useful, Excellent, Learned some new things, very comprhesive, Great tips
             for cleaning, Awesome,Great, Comprehensive and eary to listen too, You have awesome tips, Very inforamtive, Very through,
             Love your enthusiasm, I like her  friendly demeanor, Tons of great info!

PDFCleaning with Kids - This program covers tips to help get kids to pick up, what age should parents start chores with their
                    child, how do parents control the amount of toys, chores for toddlers and more!
                     Comments from previous attendees
- excellent advice, great tips!


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