Frequently Asked Questions I get about my organizing services

  1. Do you make Clients throw away everything? No!!This is the one consistent thing that my clients tell me. They say "tell potential clients that you don't make them throw everything away! " Here are comments from two of my clients.

“I felt as though you listened to me and understood that I am not necessarily ready to "get rid of" my stuff” ~Jackie~

“I like your style. I feel very comfortable with you. You are not pushy about getting rid of things” ~Dorothy~

  1. Will you come to my home or small business to work with me? Yes, my goal is to learn as much as I can about you and your life style and set up systems that will work for your “personal” needs and style as well as to teach you how to be organized. We work side by side so I can transfer my knowledge to you.
  1. I don’t think I need you to work by my side but I do need help, how would this work? This would be more of a consulting. I would meet with you and come up with an Action List for you... also known as homework! You will also receive a shopping list of supplies that are needed. I do charge for the time to write up your personalized action plan.
  1. Do you ever work without a client? Yes, I do “tune ups” to keep a client that I have already worked with, space in order. In the beginning I need the clients input to learn about them as much as possible to make their spaces most efficient for their needs. My goal is to teach clients how to be organized. Some clients, after working with them for a while, will have me come back to do some "maintenance" on their space. Depending on their needs and my knowledge of their lifestyle, I can do some organizing without them by my side.
  1. I want to straighten up before you come, is this a good idea? This is not a good idea. I need to see the way you normally live and handle things to come up with a plan that works for you personally.
  1. I am embarrassed to have you come and worried about confidentiality. Don’t be, no one walks in your shoes but you, I am not there to judge you, I am there to help you learn. No one’s name is used in any of my advertising without their permission. Your situation is strictly confidential with me.

Linda is very easy going yet very motivated and gets lots done in a little bit of time.
Very encouraging and friendly. It shows that she has the gift of helping, motivating
and encouraging people without showing any kind of discouragement at all!
~Linda ~

  1. Do I have to purchase organizing supplies? I try to use what supplies, if any, you already have on hand. You would be surprised what you already own that can be “recycled” and used to organize your space! However, if I think there is something that will work much better for your situation, I will suggest it to you,
  1. I work and care for my family, I don't have time to shop for organizing supplies, can you do that for me? Yes, and there is no mark up on the products I purchase for you. There is, however, a fee for the time I spend shopping for your specific needs. * check out my testimonials from clients

“I am a working mom of three, I don’t like to shop to begin with so having Linda shop for me
saved me a lot of time and aggravation. I am very pleased with what she bought for me”
~name is confidential~

  1. Who purchases the required supplies? I prefer to purchase the supplies as I am very familiar with the best organizational and cleaning products, but I have given clients a list of what to buy.

“Linda saved me a lot of time by shopping for organizing supplies for my space. She
saved me a lot of aggravation too! No waiting in lines, she had all the measurements
to buy the correct organizing systems for me. I would recommend having Linda make
the purchases for others.”

  1. Are items you pick up for clients “marked up?” I do not markup items but I do charge my regular fee for the time I spend shopping for clients. This saves clients a lot of time and I know what items work for their space as well as what items won’t work.
  1. What rooms do you organize? Every room in your home from basement to attic.
  1. What are your Fees? My fee is $50 per hour for organizing and cleaning assessments for clients within 15 miles of my home. For furher distances fee is $60 per hour.
  1. Do you have ‘sales’ or discounted fees? Yes. Anyone who signs up to receive emails from me will receive special offers thorough out the year, as well as organizing tips.
  1. Do you have gift certificates available? Yes. They make great Mother's Day, Father's Day , Birthday, Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. Just make sure the person wants it.
  1. Do you work with kids? Yes.
  1. How do we start? You may contact me via email or phone and we will set up a time for your FREE phone consultation.
  1. I received a special gift certificate for a special introductory rate for your services, but I can’t find it! That is okay because I keep a list of the people who received the gift certificates. Just contact me and we will get your organized!

  2. You can contact me, Linda Anders to purchase Gift Certificates for Cleaning Lessons, Organizing or Consulting, as well as Speaking Engagements at 973-838-8298 or email


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