Can’t throw away good “stuff”?   Donate it!

 All charities including Vietnam Veterans, Habitat for Humanity and 

The Salvation Army said they can’t sell anything that

 has to be recycled, fixed or discarded.

So make sure that the item you want to donate is something

 that someone would pay for


 Batteries: enter your zip & they tell you stores that take dead batteries.  Best Buy, Circuit City, Lowe’s, Sears, Target

 Books: Must be in good shape. NO MOLDY or books that smell. Riverdale Library collects books  each year starting January 15 through March 5.
                Call the library for current info 973-835-5044.      Check your local library-call to see if donations are being collected

   Wayne Library takes books all through out the year 973-694-4272

                          Check out the website

Books: paper backs, text books, is free and you receive books for free. 

                The only cost you incur is when  you send your books  to other members. No Moldy, books that were damaged.

Big Brothers Big Sisters:.  They will come to your house and pick up the items.  Usually they have a pick-up day every month – you just need                 to either email or call to  schedule it.  I included the link for the Mountain Lakes office, that’s the one I use.         Big Brothers Big Sisters | 333 Route 46  West, Suite 105 Mountain Lakes NJ Phone: (877) 336-8828 

 Cell phones: drop off boxes at Verizon stores, Staples recycles for free and sometimes offers trade-in

                       Our town hall has a drop off box in lobby.    

 Clothing – womans-Dress for Success: nonprofit organization that provides low income women with

                                      suits for job interviews &  workforce reentry

 Coats: go to to the find nearest coat drive

 Consignment shops: Check your yellow pages for consignment shops in your area

Coupons: Someone told me this years ago, I don't know if it is still true. If any one knows either way and can let me know it would be appreciated!
                Military families can use expired coupons for up to six months pass their expiration date. They will take un expired coupons that you don’t use                 too!

CUMAC- A great place to donate school supplies. Visit their website to find out what else  is on their wish list.


DVD: drop off movies or television shows at your local VA facility, or mail them to DVDs4Vets, a national organization that distributes them

        where needed. Check out their website for more info.

 DVD: Give Kids the World Here is the link to this site

Electronics: PC, Laptops, ipods, and more.    Reduce our waste to land fills!

þ  Recycling appliances and electronics- Best buy

þ  Bergen County: call 201-641-2552 –recycling in Bergen County

þ  Passaic County: 973-305-5738

þ  Morris County: 973- 285-8390

þ  In need help box- type “recycling” for information on recycling program

 Eye glasses:  Lions Club has a Post office like box in Wayne Post Office on Jacksonville Rd.

 Furniture: Thrift World Outlet- They pick up big pieces of furniture, tools

                 and more. Proceeds go to help young men overcoming addiction to get their lives back.  A site that tells you how to give items to people in your community

 Gowns: accepts wedding gowns, money goes to Breast cancer foundations.              

 Lupus Foundation:1-888-44-Lupus (1-888-445-8787) clothing, shoes: all types & sizes, all bedding  items, draperies & curtains,                     jewelry & cosmetics, toys, games, knick knacks, small  appliances, tools: all kinds. You don’t have to be home & they will leave a                                   tax deductible receipt . Have bags/items CLEARLY marked Lupus or LFA

 Hazard Waste:  examples-Adhesives | Aerosols | AntifreezeAppliances with CFCs | Art & Crafts | Asbestos | Batteries, Auto & Boat Batteries, Household (dry cell)  | Cell Phones | Compressed Gas CylindersDriveway SealerElectronics | Fire Extinguishers | FluorescentsGasoline | Medical Waste | Kerosene | Mercury | Motor Oil &  Filters | Muriatic Acid (HCl) | Paints and Stains | Pesticides | Photo Chemicals | Pool Chemicals | Propane Tanks | Rock Salt | Smoke Detectors | Solvents | Wood, Treated | Wood with Lead Paint- 
Check out your county recycling center for disposing of these items. Each county is different.

·         Morris County -

·         Passaic |

·         Essex

·         Sussex

  Instruments Music: instruments are cleaned & redistributed

  Quilts: Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center 2015 Hamburg Turnpike Suite L Wayne  973-238-9047

            First Choice Women’s Resource 180 Bloomfield Ave Montclair NJ 973-655-9806

 Toys: Second Chance  They collect toys twice a year: Nov/Dec for the holidays and April for Earth Month.

 Towels & Sheets:  clean towel and sheets are needed by local animal shelters

 Vietnam Veterans: they pick up used household items in good condition.  They can only pick up large items 

            that one person can carry.

        If you visit one of these sites and they are no longer taking items can you please contact me and let me know.

Also if you find another site that isn’t on here, let me know and I can check it out then post it to help others. 



Updated 2/2019

Where to Recycle


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