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Linda is the catalyst to help conquer clutter in every room of your home: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, home office, and even the garage!
Don’t miss another deadline, pay a late bill or miss an important function.
De-clutter your space and learn how to utilize these spaces more efficiently.
Have everything at your fingertips!
Reduce your stress!

Linda can set up a personalized system so you can have important papers at your fingertips within 2 minutes!

An organized, home, office and life will reward you with the luxury of time....
time to pursue hobbies, time with family or friends, and even time to spend by yourself.

 Linda specializes in:

Small business organizing
Personalized file systems
  • Behavior management
  • Paper management
  • Home organizing
  • Space planning

  • Services provided by Linda

    • Hands-on organizing assistance
    • One-on-one consulting 
    • Motivational speeches
    • Workshops
    • Seminars

    • Product recommendations- Advice on the best organizing product for your situation.

    If your space isn’t becoming to you, you should be coming to me!

    Contact me today at 973-838-8298 or



    Cleaning Lessons

    Linda Anders, gained her expertise from owning a residential cleaning business, where she taught her staff the know-how 
    and tips to efficiently clean customers’ homes to the highest standards.

    Linda has cleaned over 100 homes.
    She know what the best “tools of the trade” are to clean as well as what furniture and designs are best for those 
    who prefer a lower maintenance lifestyle.

    Do you know how to clean? Many people who hate to clean just don’t know how to clean efficiently as well as effectively.
    Let Linda give you a lesson or two on how to clean after she evaluates your cleaning equipment and supplies.
    Reduce your time spent cleaning so you have more time for other interests in your life!

    Perhaps you have a cleaning dilemma and you just don’t know how to clean something?

     Just contact Linda, she makes  “house calls!”

    Maybe you want to make sure your cleaning person is using the best products to clean your home effectively and efficiently...
    call Linda today for a consultation.

    Make an appointment with Linda today at 973-838-8298 or and free up your time!

    Did you know clearing out clutter can reduce your time spent cleaning up to 40 %!!


    Thinking about starting your own cleaning business?

    Her experience can help you avoid costly mistakes.
    How much should you charge? 
    How do you grow your business?
    What should you include in your service?
    Should you bring your own equipment or use clients'?
    How long will it take you to clean different sized homes?
    What are the 3 things you should do to succeed in a residential cleaning business?
    Are you having “issues” with clients and are unsure how to solve the situation?
    These are some question you might ask, but know there are many more!

    Linda provides phone consultations charged by the hour.
    The hourly rate is only $150.00 pre-paid.

    See my FAQ page- Frequently Asked Questions

        Always Confidential
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